AGRI-VITALS - mineral products for natural farming. Production and distribution.

AGRI-VITALS is a family run company focused on supplying highest quality mineral products to intensive livestock producers, wholesalers of animal nutrition and stable hygiene products as well as to individual farmers.

We offer the following products:

Derma Health Powder

Natural mix of minerals grinded to fine gray powder- especially dedicated to keeping Your Cattle Hoofs in good shape.

The effectiveness to price relation cannot be found in any another product on the market!

Vital Powder 

A unique 100% natural feed additive and mycotoxin binder which:

  • binds mycotoxines,
  • ease digestion problems,
  • saves your money!

Agri Block - Bovine Blocking Adhesive

Easy to use 2 components bovine ablocking adhesive for Hoof Trimmers and for Farmers

  • easy application
  • instant results
  • the best price for the strongest bond!


Derma Health Powder - the best choice to keep Your hoofs in good shape.

Vital Powder

Unique feed additive which production has been developed for years of hard work.

Agri Block

Easy to use 2 components bovine blocking adhesive for Hoof Trimmers and for Farmers.