Derma Powder - best choice to keep Your hoofs in good shape

Derma Health Powder is a mix of minerals, grinded to fine powder which is very effective and easy to use. It is rich in minerals which are vital for the hoofs to grow strong and to be healthy. Derma Powder provides minerals in necessary proportions to maintain or help compensate luck of minerals caused by moisture in stables.

Hoof health is one of the most important factors of cows' milk production. The studies show that cows with hoof problems give less milk and this proportion grows with the growing problem of hoofs. The hoofs carry the milk - when the hoof are in bad condition then they cannot carry more milk. The cows now that they do not have enough strenght therefore they produce less milk. It may sound surprising or amusing but the literature and many years of analysis confirm this correlation.

The use of Derma Powder is very easy for the farmer and the animals are not afraid of Derma Powder- unlike wet baths where animals are afraid and very often slip on wet floors and sometimes fall over. Derma Health Powder has light gray colour and flour texture which is ,,nice in touch"

Derma Health Powder is very easy in use: 

- DHP arrives in 1000kg big bag

- You have to fill the bath tray- we could supply it with Derma Powder

- Cattle have to walk through the bath tray filled with Derma Powder- we recommend plastic trays 70cm x 2500cm x 15cm

- The maintanance is very simple- after several cows used the Dry Bath with DHP, You just have to use the rake to take out dirt and manure and add some more DHP to keep the tray full.

Used, dirty powder you raked out from the tray, you can put on the field- we recommend to put it in places where is too much moisture. Derma Powder will absorb the moisture and harden the surface.

Derma Health Powder gives the skin around and between the hoofs ,,protection". The powder sticks to the hoofs and the minerals like Cu, Mg, Al  make a sort of SPA for the hoofs. 

Covering the skin with DHP, provides a thin layer of powder on the claws. This thin layer sticks to the skin and because of this it prevents direct contact of manure with the skin. What is more the dry bath is easy to maintain and unlike the wet bath- it does not make the cows slide on the wet floors. DHP is mostly used in low temperatures, when it is important to make sure that the animals walk firmly

  • The powder should cover the claw / paw, about 15cm thickness
  • One must remember that during the powder bath, all 4 claws/paws of animals must be covered with DHP
  • The powder provides protection against the attachment of the manure aggressive to the skin.
  • The pH level of DHP provides minerals like Cu, Mg, Al

You can also use Derma Powder bath as follows:

  • First week 4 days so 8 passages
  • Second week 3 days so six passages,
  • Third week 2 days so 4 passages,
  • Fourth week one day so two passages.

In normal use the cows should pass the powder bath two passages a week.

Available as 1000kg Big Bag.

It works - Derma Heath Powder is delivered to customers in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.