About us

Agrivitals is a company focused on helping to bring natural products to farmers who look for change, a change for better, healthier and natural farming. The experience we gained over few past years gave us answers to the many questions asked in present farming:

How to grow healthy animals? How can we lower the cost of growing animals? How can we stop using antibiotics?

We offer organic products for natural farming. The studies conducted over the years all over the world show that natural products lower the costs of growing animals and at the same time improve animals health.

Our products come from nature and this makes them unique

We provide products which can be found in natural environment and for that reason they help to repair the circle of life. It is high time to change the habits and put the antibiotics and other artificial elements where they belong- into the labolatories.

Many animal health problems are caused by harmfull side effects of antibiotics and other chemical  elements added to livestock feed. 

We offer natural minerals which naturally improve liestock production

Our experience in the field of organic products helps us supply products which come from nature

You should try our VITAL PRODUCTS- contact us via email or our contact form. We have prepared free samples and trial programs which will encourage you to use our products on regular basis

Team Agrivitals