Vital Powder - Natural Composition of Minerals for Your Dairy Cattle

Vital Powder: 

  • binds mycotoxins,
  • lowers somatic cell count (no waiting time)
  • stops diarrhea,
  • eliminates digestive system problems,
  • improves feed efficiency.

How Vital Powder works and what benefits it brings in dairy cattle feeding:

The unique coposition of Vital Powder can not be found and other natural product. The main ingredients consist of kaolin clays and organic carbon, which are accopmanied by other trace elements. The minerals are is milled together to a very fine powder where almost 99% of the grains are smaller than 500 microns. Once it gets inside of the digestive system -gives the following benefits:

  • Better conversion of main feed. Application of Vital Powder results in better conversion of energy from the main feed – it is especially important in the lactation period as well as in the calving period when the risk of ketosis and diarrhea and acidosis is very high- when using Vital Powder, the risk of diarrhea, ketosis and acidosis is significantly lowered
  • Adsorption of mycotoxins present in the feed – the contamination of feed by mycotoxins is a challenging and very difficult problem yet Vital Powder due to its kaolinitic composition adsorbs harmful mycotoxins. Together with mycotoxins, Vital Powder helps with digestion of proteins and other feed components which result in stabilization of rumen’s behavior
  • Stimulates the conductivity of the main feed, it means that Vital Powder can slow down or speed up the ,,flow’ of feed inside the intestines. Due to this feature, one can stimulate the microbiological flora in the rumen and regulate the time of feed conversion. This is especially visible in the dairy cattle feeding program. When Vital Powder is used the cattle produce more saliva and the animals chew the feed easier. The conversion of urine is better and the quality of milk is better – the risk of acidosis is diminished
  • Lowers the somatic cell count in milk  - Vital Powder contains zinc, selenium, copper - minerals which successfully lower high cell count in milk. Vital Powder is not an antibiotic therefore, there is no waiting time for the milk. Continous use of Vital Powder in daily feeding of dairy cows results in stabilization of inflammation which also contribute to possible higer levels of somatic cells in milk
  • Another reason to use Vital Powder: starts and finishes the circle of life. Where Vital Powder is used the animals are healthier, the milk and meat is better and healthier, better feed conversion results in less CO2 emission and in the end, the digested feed ends up as manure. And in the manure we see a growth of beneficial bacterial flora, the manure is richer in bacteria and thus it has more value as fertilizer on the fields.

Minerals also present in Wital Power: SiO2, AlSi3O8, Fe2O3, Al4OH, Si4O10, FeCO3.

We recommend dosage of Vital Powder for Cattle:

  • 120-150 g per animal (depending on milk production: >30 l - 120 g; < 30 l - 150 g);
  • In diarrhea: 300 g for 2-3 days, 200 g for 3-5 days;
  • Calfs: initially 10 g per animal, after two weeks: 10-15 g per animal;
  • after eight weeks: 20 g per animal, after 20 weeks: 40-50 gram per animal.

It is important that during supplementation with Vital Powder, there is no need for adding further concentrated complementary feed or mycotoxin binders.

It is also important to monitor the level of urea in milk. 

Mycotoxines are secondary metabolites produced by fungi and molds. They are wide spread and very dangerous to all kinds of animals and human. Most common mycotoxines are Aflotoxine and Ochratoxin produced by molds from Aspergillus i Penicillium group and trichothecenes and zearalenone caused by Fusarium molds.

The biggest problem with mycotoxins  is that there are many factors which may cause contamination:

  • storage: low temperature, high humidity and moisture, oxygen degree and remains of other feed;
  • field: soil condition, insects, weather, crop rotation.

There are many symptoms showing that animals may be fed with contaminated feed e.g. slow weight gain, diarrhea, lack of appetite, problems with insemination.

The problems with mycotoxins were first recognized over half a century ago and there are few well know approaches to this subject:

  • physical,
  • chemical,
  • biological: adsorbents are natural mineral components that bind the mycotoxins in the gastro intestical tract and prevent toxic elements from entering the blood.

Vital Powder is a natural concentration of natural mineral and trace elements which are efficient, reliable and effective

It's binding ability is unique due to composition of kaolinitic clays and carbon. Moreover the level of  trace elements like SiO2, AlSi3O8, Fe2O3, Al4OH, Si4O10, FeCO3 have possitive influence on the bacterial floora in the gastrointestinal system which is very important to maintain good health of the animals

Vital Powder Advantages of use in swine/pig farms:

Binding of harmful mycotoxines present in main feed.

Vital Powder consists of natural minerals- kaolinitic clays and organic carbon which bind the mycotoxins in the gastro intestinal tract and prevent toxic elements from entering into the blood system.

Recommended dosage for pigs:

* Piglets: 5 to 6 kg per 1000 kg of dry forage;

* Fattening pigs: 7 to 8 kg per 1000 kg of dry forage;

* Boars and sows: 9 to 10 kg per 1000 kg of dry forage.

Mycotoxins cause:

  • slow weight gain
  • diarrhea
  • lack of appetite
  • problems with insemination
  • problems with reproduction
  • high level of mortality of new born piglets
  • emission of harmful gases from the excrements.

Vital Powder is an affordable solution to above problems. When applied with the main feed it eliminates diarrhea, improves digestion and for that reason the weight gain is faster. The pigs have better appetite, they eat more and gain weight faster

  • Vital Powder provides minerals which cause intestinal tract absorb more nutrients from smaller quantity of feed.  

Mycotoxines are also responsible for lower immune system and make animals more prone to infections which are reflected in the fertility of the pigs. The problems with insemination and death of piglets during the birth or shortly after is a common and worrying case for pig producers.

When Vital Powder is used:

  • the sows get inseminated easier and without problems,
  • piglets are born more healthy and in the same size and weight,
  • piglets grow faster and stronger and can be taken away from the sow,
  • cost of feed reduction at about 5 Euro per piglet,
  • the piglets look more healthy and have nice pinky colour which can result in better sell price (depending on buyer, up to 2 Euro per piglet).
  • Stable climate improvement,
    Wital Power
    eases the digestion system problem which results in the lower gas emission with the excrements. The ammonium is bind in the excrements not in the form of ammonia (gases) which could affect the respiratory track. What is more the excrements may be used as field fertilizer-
  • Reduction of antibiotic use in pigs nutrition,
    provides minerals and trace elements which successfully replace artificial and harmful antibiotics.

Vital Powder Advantages of use in poultry farms:

  •  reduction of antibiotics supplementation,
  •  significant cost reduction by better feed conversion - on a farm of 100.000 animals the consumption of feed is about 450t/6 weeks.
  •  feed intake reduction: from average 1,8 kg down to 1,7 kg per animal.
  • dry floors- no loose manure means better feed digestion- decrease in mortality- an average mortality level is 5 % but with Wital Power this level lowers to 2,5 - 3% !!! On a farm of 100 000 animals this will give us about 2 500 more animals alive.
  • Wital Power does not affect color nor the taste of the meat. For laying eggs farms- noticeable thicker egg shell, Omega 3 increase,
    no change in yolk color.

Recommended dosage for broilers:

  • Initially 5 up to 6 kg per 1000 kg of main feed
  • The growth at 7 up to 8 kg per 1000 kg of main feed
  • In the final phase of 9 - 10 kg per 1000 kg of main feed

When we use Vital Powder  we can lower the consumption by 12 tones in every 6 weeks,  which saves you about 4500 EURO per 6 weeks which equals to 40.000 Euro savings per year!!!

Our specially designed and monitored production guarantees highest quality and low price of our products!